Color Psychology in Logo Design

Color Psychology in Logo Design


  1. Some nice logo examples there. The Barbie design would’ve made a great addition to a previous post I made about hand-written logos. I hope you’re well.

  2. Thank you for this post. I made very similar post some time ago but I didn’t write as many colors as you did.

  3. Your article color psychology in logo design was well writtern. Your examples well support your statements!

  4. A great article, thanks for posting. I am currently going through creating a new logo with a graphics design friend so very apt timing!

  5. Very informative aricle, could’nt have come at a better time.

  6. You may want to point out that your descriptions here are almost entirely cultural and may not be applicable in various cultures around the world.

    I would also argue that describing pink as ‘feminine’ is an example of a cultural association that is both sexist and rapidly changing. In contrast, describing blue as ‘authoritative’ highlights the sexist dichotomy between it and pink.

    All in all, not a terrible article… 😉

  7. Excellent article. Definitely saving this link.

  8. It is an insightful posting. As I’m in the process of re-designing my website, it has been very helpful to know the connotations attached to colours.

  9. Really nice concepts can anybody help me to create my company logo. I leave my email address to contact me. Thanks!

  10. Make me reliaze that color can speak too

  11. Fantastic review. I am lovin’ 😉

  12. Bookmarked and will use for future reference. Thanks

  13. Really cool! psychology… will definitely help me in my new work.!

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  14. Yellow, much like red, can have conflicting messages. It can represent sunshine and happiness or caution and cowardice.

  15. I’m doing some research on colours before making a recommendation to my client for a colour scheme for their new luxury goods website, and this is another page I’ve bookmarked for future reference smile Thanks!

    However a couple of things I noted here; that there doesn’t appear to be any real distinction between grey and silver. Are they not separate colours with different meanings and psychologies? Or is silver just considered a shade of grey?

    The article gives grey some attributes that I’d be more inclined to credit to silver; namely authority, respect and stability.

    Also notable by its absence is gold. Is this considered a shade of yellow? I would have thought over the years with so much marketing in luxury goods, that gold would have done enough to be considered a separate colour with the connections of luxury, wealth and success.

    In any case, thanks for a well-written and nicely presented article. I’ve picked up some info I’m sure will come in handy when making my report 🙂

  16. Really cool! Thanks for sharing.

  17. I really like that new mcdonalds logo. Is it possible that you can make such a logo for uour site?

  18. What an amazing post! I would like to thank you for sharing it. You are putting very good effort into the stuff you post.

  19. Logo seems to be a significant one if you are branded.As you can see that many branded things are identified with their awesome logo.

  20. Hi! This is a great article. Thanks for sharing.

    I did just want to point out one little thing: When referring to the printing process, black is actually the presence of all colors, not the absence. It is the absence of all colors when referring to light.

  21. Very useful article. Thank you.

  22. I love your design and you did a great job with this post! I’ve heard that the red/yellow combo evokes hunger as well. I think because they are warm, energizing colors – like food! Ketchup and mustard. We don’t see much blue in our food, so it would be counter-intuitive to have a blue logo for a restaurant.

    It would be interesting to look at this topic from other cultures’ perspectives too; like in Asia, where white represents death instead of purity and red is good fortune.

  23. This is great information to share!

  24. its really great article for logo designing…Thank You So Much

  25. Thanks for this article. This came at the right time.

  26. Color Psychology in Logo Design – Interesting topic to discuss. Thanks for the awesome info you had given

  27. Very interesting article about logos. All these logos can properly used in web design of any complexity.

  28. It’s important for us as designers to use color appropriately and understand the meaning behind the colors we choose. Thank’s for the post

  29. Great post! Thanks for sharing.

  30. Great info, me likes!

  31. Yeah now i’m understand why i always pick green and blue as my favourite logo color.

  32. its a nice blog! didnt know that every colour of a brand had a meaning

  33. Hi! –

    Interesting article. Much like most of our other perceptions in and of society have changed, so too, has our view on “Color Psychology in Logo Design “…Well at least in my case. I tend not to follow much of the studies done in the 50’s and 60’s, blotch testing etc…

    We no longer look at a youth standing with his ball cap sideways on the street corner as a ‘thug’ or ‘pusher. Or observe a male colleague in a pink polo top and second guess their gender preference. Far analogy I know, but I hope the point gets across about evolving perceptions.

    Since the trend of some major corps in terms of their brand marks using transparencies and gradation of tones(i.e MasterCard logo) others have followed suit. You would figure with the clout the bigwigs have and resources on recent colour psychology, focus groups and the rest of the gamut, I think that things might have changed on this subject.

    Considering the above, what do you think gradients and transparencies invoke?

    – Raja

  34. Really Great collection! It’s nice to know all these things…!


  36. I remember studying psychology and color theory – and wondering why they aren’t in the same class (for designers). Great post – I’ll bookmark this.

  37. Marvellous!
    I was hunting for knowledge in this area. I got certain pointers. Thank you very much.
    I wish this study could turn to Indian aesthetic research on colour in art!

  38. Very nicely presented in a simple manner. Really liked it

  39. Good info, tnx for sharing with us!

  40. This is now one of my bookmarks, this is interesting. Also to see the importance and meanings of coloring in logo’s.

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  43. great and very useful, thanks.

  44. I think you described the colors very good, I am a orange man, I just love that color!

  45. excellent!! thank you for the insight!

  46. Nice article. I would add, however, that some of these associations are cultural. Eastern and Western cultures share many of the same associations, but not all.

  47. I am looking for a good book on colour psychology. Any recommendations from anyone?

  48. I like orange and green colors and don’t like red… The RedBull example seems to me is awful

  49. Nice descriptions for colors.

  50. Really great stuff! I am a business coach, with many clients in the interior design field, where I am also considered a color expert. I teach a 2-day course on color to Interior Designers and Certified Interior Environment Coaches.

    I loved what you had to say, and I especially loved that you showed specific examples that relate the color meanings to actual branding. This will help many start-up entrepreneurs to think about their logo in terms of exactly what they want to say to their ideal prospects long term.

    You did a fantastic job in laying out this article/post. Thanks for the insight in applying color to business and branding. Keep up the great work!

  51. Your article color psychology in logo design was well writtern.

  52. I like this article, and agree with a lot of the points made.

    By the way, the girl scouts logo has three faces not two since it’s also meant to signify diversity. 😀

  53. This is a really interesting post. Great information for someone to have when designing a logo for their business.

  54. Very useful info. Hope to see more posts soon.

  55. Wow, what an information about the psychology of colors! I’m a newbie in designing logos and this is great stuff. Thanks for posting!

  56. excellent help me to understand color thory.thanks

  57. Great analisys. Thanks for sharing.

  58. nice article thx!

  59. Thanks for this article.

  60. Great information. Ads a designer I can use this info very much. Like the comment: Yellow, much like red, can have conflicting messages. It can represent sunshine and happiness or caution and cowardice. Yellow is bright and highly visible which is why it can often be found on caution and other road signs. Yellow is often used in logo design to get attention, create happiness and warmth. Great explanation and useful stuff to think about.

  61. Black is the combination of all colours not the absence of them.

  62. Nice post really,As i am also associated with this business so i am well aware how important the color selction is when designing a logo
    Thanks once again…

  63. Yellow, much like red, can have conflicting messages It can represent sunshine and happiness or caution and cowardice. Yellow is bright and highly visible which is why it can often be found on caution and other road signs. Yellow is often used in logo design to get attention, create happiness and warmth.

  64. Great article. I teach colour psych to web design students, and will be sharing this with them.

  65. Very very useful! Merci!

  66. Indeed, nice information.

  67. Thanks for a very helpful article – concise with clear examples. I’m amazed at how many people don’t actually read before they comment, however… 🙂

  68. Really good post guys. Though as others have said I feel these colour representations are down to culture. But Ill be passing this link on to others. Cheers

  69. great going mate w

  70. Wow, I had no idea color made such a difference and meant so many things! Thank you for a great read and the awesome example logos.

  71. Just bookmarked it 😀

  72. Interesting article, very good post.

  73. its very useful for me great analisys.

  74. Does anyone know a link to asite where i can upload a logo and ask for critiques?

  75. That is one big thank list! Thank you for your good sense of humor and kindness.

  76. In print, black is a pigment that doesn’t reflect light. In a monitor/screen environment, it’s the abscence of light.

    Good list, now it would be nice to see how the differing shades of these colours shift the meaning – say with green you want ‘environment’ and not ‘money’ to be conveyed, which varation of green would lend itself to this? Do you move through the spectrum towards yellow because of the ‘sunshine, warmth’ aspect?

  77. Thank you, they look gorgeus. thanks 4 sharing

  78. that is very useful for us, you know if i want to have a nice website,i need to know which color is suit for my site.

  79. Thanks for sharing. I bookmarked this page.

  80. Thanks for a great post – some really interesting points to consider when choosing a colour scheme.

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